Car Polish

Car Polish

Product description: Supmenz Chemical in the industry, we are engaged in manufacturing an impeccable range of Car Polish.

· Polishing gives the car natural shine and helps to protect the paint from harsh environment. When polish applied it forms a thin transparent layer over the car paint. This layer covers minor scratches and other damages, making them less visible. The polish also seals the paint, preventing water from contacting the bare metal exposed in deep chips and scratches, slowing down the corrosion process. Polishing automotive paint become an art form, utilizing buffing tools and good quality polish for optimum shine and luster. Polishing the automobile's paint job is a relatively easy process, best performed just after the vehicle has been washed thoroughly.


· Long shelf life

· Accurate composition

· Precisely processed

· Ultimate Car Care Kit makes for convenient detailing and easy application, including everything you need from wash and protectants to interior cleaners and odor eliminators

· Five innovative products from Quick & Easy line perform more tasks in less steps - wash, wax, shine, and protect in less time.